Facebook for oldsters

Facebook sent me invoices for ‘my adverts’ in July but I have no recollection of placing!

I maybe could have done by accident but again …then it would be too easy to make a mistake.

It was to advertise both my self-published novels, so the content was correct.

I can’t ask for help from you younger savvy people because you want more money than I can afford. Everyone just wants money I don’t have !

Also, I probably would not be complaining if those adverts on FB had sold dozens of books but as far as I can tell …None !

So… even if I did order those ads…they were useless anyway.

So… if any kind soul out there knows how to promote a novel??? or if a literary agent would choose to read both novels and possibly represent me ….it would be a very nice thing to do for a 75 years old would-be-author. (2 more novels ‘in process’ too ) so not a lost cause ….yet ! I don’t object to commission , only money for nothing.


Published by John Boman

I’m a 74 years old , still working, though not as hard as in the past . Well I’ve been self-employed since 1967 ! Worked long hours , Been rich , been poor, done many things. But far and away my best experience is completing 2 novels. Yes they are self-published but professionally edited . Maybe I’ll find an agent yet? I’m pretty sure they would both sell in volume if I had professional publisher behind them . And I can get on producing more

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