My very first blog

Hello folks this is the first blog of my life , of my 74 years blogless life!

I’m unsure what might be of interest to anybody.

About me : I have 1 wife (50 years in June) 2 beautiful daughters . 3 beautiful grandchildren and currently 2 son-in-laws.

About writing :

I had always wanted to write but life, mortgages ,self-employment ( I’ll tell all as we go) children. Near bankruptcy and various lowlights and highlights along the way .

Well that’s my introduction


Published by John Boman

I’m a 74 years old , still working, though not as hard as in the past . Well I’ve been self-employed since 1967 ! Worked long hours , Been rich , been poor, done many things. But far and away my best experience is completing 2 novels. Yes they are self-published but professionally edited . Maybe I’ll find an agent yet? I’m pretty sure they would both sell in volume if I had professional publisher behind them . And I can get on producing more

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